Czar Yarcia

Welcome to my blog! I love camping and hiking, and I’m hoping to help others find adventures outdoors. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I love calling this place home. I camped a lot with my family growing up, but didn’t really fall in love with nature until I moved to San Francisco in 2012. I had gone up to the old growth redwoods in Humboldt and immediately got hooked on that natural high. Disconnecting from material possessions and allowing time for deeper and meaningful connections made me realize how much I needed to recharge.

I’m a lover of food, music, books, and tend to nerd out on pop culture staples such as Star Wars and Arrow. My favorite books aside from the Harry Potter series are Ready Player One (I’ve gifted this particular book to many friends) and A Clockwork Orange. Most people would assume I like to read books like Wild by Cheryl Strayed or Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, but I’ve gravitated more towards Ender’s Game, Armada, The Ocean at The End of the Lane, and The Magicians, so sci-fi/fantasy. My podcast playlist addictions include: How I Built This, Invisibilia, The Minimalist Podcast, TED Radio Hour, and The Tim Ferris Show.

I also enjoy practicing photography. Adding photography to my outdoor adventures has actually helped to engross me in the environment and slow down.

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